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BOBCAT MORETTI (1hr 36min) West Hollywood, CA, (USA)  (SC Premiere) 

Screens: Sat, Blk 5, 7:30pm

Director: Rob Margolies

Synopsis: An obese multiple sclerosis patient takes up his late Father's sport of boxing to overcome personal tragedy and find inner peace. "Bobcat Moretti" was filmed over the course of ten months, during COVID-19, allowing our lead actor to lose 154-pounds and embody the role.

EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE LOVED (1hr 20min) Berlin, GERMANY (South Carolina Premiere)

Screens: Wed, Blk 5, 7:30pm

Director: Katharina Woll

Synopsis: A blisteringly hot summer day. Psychotherapist Ina notices something is wrong with her. But she doesn't have time to worry about it: Patients are waiting at the practice, her daughter is threatening to move in with her father, her boyfriend wants to emigrate to Finland, and her self-centered mother is celebrating her 70th birthday. Ina wants to please everyone. But then everything changes.



PUBLISH OR PERISH (1hr 40min) Denver, CO (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Fri, Blk 5, 7:30pm

Director: David Liban

Synopsis: A professor obsessed with getting tenure, accidentally kills a student and covers it up causing his life to spiral out of control." Publish or Perish is a dark comedy about a professor, who starts out as an essentially a good man, but is driven to commit terrible crimes in pursuit of tenure at the fictional, Sayles College.



THE YEAR OF THE DOG ( 1hr 36min) Bozeman, MT (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Thu, Blk 5, 7:30pm

Director: Andrew McGinn, Michael Peterson, Robert Grabow

Synopsis: Matt, a loner alcoholic at rock bottom, struggles to maintain sobriety for 30 days so he can honor his mother’s dying wish, to visit her in hospice, sober. His book-thumping AA sponsor, Fred, offers him refuge at his farm, where Matt finds Yup’ik, a stray Husky with a unique talent. 





MISSISSIPPI MESSIAH ( 1hr 18min) Colorado Springs, CO  (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Wed, Blk 3, 1:20pm

Director: Clay Haskell, Dylan Nelson

Synopsis: Civil rights legend James Meredith never fit in – not as the first Black person to attend the University of Mississippi, not surrounded by fellow activists on the Meredith March, not working for ultraconservative Jesse Helms or stumping for ex-Klansman David Duke. "Mississippi Messiah" is a nuanced exploration of Meredith's complicated life as a public figure


STORMING CAESARS PALACE ( 1hr 23min) New York, NY (USA) (SC Premiere)


Screens: Thu, Blk 3, 1:30pm

Director: Hazel Gurland-Pooler

Synopsis: After losing her job as a hotel worker in Las Vegas, Ruby Duncan joined a welfare rights group of mothers who defied notions of the “welfare queen.” In a fight for guaranteed income, Ruby and other equality activists took on the Nevada mob in organizing a massive protest that shut down Caesars Palace.


FRED CHAPPELL: I AM ONE OF YOU FOREVER (1hr 1min) Greensboro, NC (USA) SC Premiere

Screens: Sat, Blk 1, 9am

Director: Michael Frierson

Synopsis: Fred Chappell is one of our most important Southern writers, but no one is really surprised if you have never heard of him. Fred grew up on farm in Great Smokey Mountains. His early life was marked by the struggle between the old ways of Appalachia that lingered due to the region’s isolation, and the new ways of modern industry. 



BENDIX: SITE UNSEEN (26min) Lodi, NJ (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Fri, Blk 3, 1:20pm

Director: Anthony Scalia

Synopsis: Surrounded by highway traffic sits the unassuming Bendix Diner, owned and operated by John Diakakis. As the blind, single father of three young children who also work at the diner, John attempts to address and overcome his obstacles in order to provide a better life for his family.


CHANGES IN THE WIND (29min) Wilson, NC (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Thurs, Blk 2, 11am

Director: Gerret Warner

Synopsis: Knowing that there are no age limits to creativity and hard work, a husband and wife filmmaking team in their 60s set out to document ninety-one-year-old Vollis Simpson, whom The New York Times called “an art star” in his obituary of 2013. Ten years later, our documentary had expanded to include the larger story of his town’s inspired project to build a park in his honor.



IN THE BUBBLE WITH JAIME (38min) New York, NY (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Fri, Blk 1, 9am

Director: Emily Harrold

Synopsis: In South Carolina, African American Jaime Harrison takes on Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham to run for US Senate. But what happens when the COVID epidemic sets in? In a state with one of the largest African American populations in the United States, Harrison must face not only a global pandemic but a legacy of racial injustice that makes winning an uphill battle.


KAMBANA (15min) Alicante, Valencian Community (SPAIN) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Thu, Blk 1, 9am

Director: Samuel Pastor

Synopsis: Mother and twin sons are socially rejected because of being twins. 
In the Mananjary region of Madagascar, there is a popular belief that twins are carriers of misfortunes. 



THE COLOURS OF LIFE (14min) Wroclaw (POLAND) ( SC Premiere)

Screens: Wed, Blk 1, 9am

Director: Daniel Stanislawski

Synopsis: The Colours of Life” shows the lifestyle and thoughts of the artist - Jack Foumanis from Cyprus. As the author of the documentary, I introduced an additional character, the narrator who introduces the viewer to the painter's life on the island and has also a form of communication with Jack by asking him questions about art and existence. 





Screens: Wed, Blk 2, 11am

Director: Frederick Marx

Synopsis: Veterans Journey Home: Kalani’s Story is the first in a series of short documentaries telling a different story of soldiers returning from war. American veterans struggle to transition back to civilian life with PTSD, addiction, and suicide rates much higher than the general population. 



WANIYETU WOWAPI – WINTER COUNT (36min) Beaufort, SC (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Fri, Blk 2, 11:20am

Director: Richard Steinberger

Synopsis: Welcome to the Cheyenne River Youth Project. Come with us into the heart of our circle, where you’ll meet our kids, parents, elders, artists, and partners. You’ll discover why art is so central to Lakota culture. 





ED’S LAST WILL (6min) Guancheng Garden, Beijing (CHINA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Wed, Blk 1, 9am

Director: Lisa Wen Dou, John Xiaoliang

Synopsis: Every Halloween, Death visits earth to resurrect good people. Noticing Mr. Edward’s unfulfilled last wish, Death decides to grant him a chance. After Edward is resurrected, will he be able to accomplish his last wish?



FAMILY TREE (3min) Sarasota, FL (Ringling College of Arm & Design) (USA) (SC Premiere)  

Screens: Wed, Blk 2, 11am

Director: Zin Yan

Synopsis: When a young girl realizes that her grandmother is potentially the next person in the family who die, she shifts her grandmother’s name under hers on the family tree resulting in a baby granny. 


PROCESSING MAGIC (5min), Winston-Salem, NC (UNCSA) (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens, Fri, Blk 1, 9am

Director: Vale Stanley, Jo Knorpp

Synopsis: When a dragon takes his first foray into wizard school, he, and those around him, soon discover that not everyone learns magic the same way.


SONATA (5min), Winston-Salem, NC (UNCSA) (USA) (SC Premiere)


Screens: Sat, Blk 1, 9am

Director: Madison Crisp, Abby Davenport, Fern Singleton, Vic Sosa

Synopsis:  When a blackout derails a young man’s plans for the perfect first date, he must navigate his nerves, the heat, and a mischievous gang of shadows if he has any hope of connecting with the girl of his dreams. 




AN IDEAL OF LIBERTY (14min), Burbank, CA (USA) (SC Premiere) (Univ. of Utah)

Screens: Wed, Blk 2, 11am

Director: Noel Paganotti

Synopsis: In 1929, an African American couple is being forced out of their home by the government after a railroad is set to be built on top of their land. Bill will have to choose between leaving with his wife and baby or stay and protect his house and legacy.



BAD HOMBREWOOD (24min), Los Angeles, CA (USA) (SC Premiere) (Univ. of Southern California

Screens: Thurs, Blk 4, 4pm

Director: Guillermo Casarin

Synopsis: Guillermo Casarín, an aspiring young filmmaker, came to the United States from Mexico to pursue his dreams of becoming a film director. Now, he is on the verge of graduating from one of the best film schools in the world, but after experiencing racism in the country and film industry, he finds himself questioning his place in Hollywood. 


BOMBAY BEACH (15min), West Hollywood, CA (USA) (SC Premiere) (Chapman University)

Screens: Wed, Blk 1, 9am

Director: Starsi Howell

Synopsis:  Set in the remote town of Bombay Beach, this coming-of-age story follows a naive young girl who dreams of leaving her trailer park to reunite with her estranged father in Los Angeles. While she fantasizes, her older and wiser sister grapples with protecting her from their bleak reality.


DOUBLE TAKE (11min), Brookline, MA (SC Premiere) (USA) (Boston University)

Screens: Sat, Blk 1, 9am

Director: Eli Canter

Synopsis:  When Cam and Wally get into an Uber, their night spirals out of control.


SACRIFICIOS (13min) Orange, CA (SC Premiere) (USA)  Chapman University 

Screens: Wed, Blk 1, 9am

Director: Larissa Salazar

Synopsis: Salvadoran immigrant, Carla Rudas, struggles to navigate her rocky relationship with Texas gubernatorial candidate Blake Phillips.


SOMEONE YOU LOVED (17min) Harbin (CHINA) (North American Premiere)

Beijing Normal-Hong Kong Baptist Univ.

Screens: Wed, Blk 4, 3:30pm

Director: Elly Sitong Zhou

Synopsis: The 60-year-old Liu Jianguo has fallen in love with the 45-year-old Xiu Fen within three months that his wife has passed away. Meanwhile Jianguo has to face his son who believes that the dead will return home during Spring Festival. Liu Jianguo's secret is unveiled but he has finally made up his mind.




SUGA BROWN (18min) Winston-Salem, NC (USA) (SC Premiere) UNCSA

Screens: Wed, Blk 2, 11am

Director: Clarke Phillips

Synopsis: In a world where free health care requires genetic alterations, a pregnant woman, Eden, must go to extreme lengths to ensure her child is born free of mandated modification.


THE TALE OF CAPTAIN FORTYHANDS (15min), Placentia, CA (USA) (SC Premiere) 

Screens: Wed, Blk 3, 1:20pm

Chapman University

Director: Kyle Farmer

Synopsis: When a washed-up pirate captain is threatened by a mysterious new recruit, he's forced to question his life of piracy.


TOY PHONE (15min), Orange, CA (USA) (World Premiere) Chapman University


Screens: Thurs, Blk 2, 11am

Director: Gabe Braden

Synopsis: When her young son starts "speaking" to his recently deceased father on a toy phone, a mother is forced to confront the loss she never quite dealt with.


WEI-LAI (14min), Los Angeles, CA (USA) (SC PREMIERE) Univ. of Southern California

Screens: Thurs, Blk 1, 9am

Director: Robin Wang

Synopsis: Tired of getting pushed and punished by his own parents, Wei-Lai, an 11-year-old Chinese American boy, decides to show up at his best friend’s family and offer himself up for their adoption.







A BEST MAN (13min), New York, NY (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Wed, Blk 4, 3;30pm

Director: Dylan Tuccillo

Synopsis: On his best friend’s wedding day, Josh proves a best man can only do so much to make sure everything goes smoothly for the bride and groom.


AARON WITH TWO A’S (17min), West New York, New Jersey (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Wed, Blk 4, 3:30pm

Director: Michael Goldburg

Synopsis:  Aaron starts his second career at age 65 as an actor, but when he finally manages to land a major role, he discovers he's his own worst enemy as his inner doubts threaten to derail his lifelong dream and his marriage.


BOUND (14min), Woodstock, GA (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Thurs, Blk 3, 1:30pm

Director: Jaye Pniewski

Synopsis: Jason and Jim Koss are estranged brothers who have come together after the death of their father, a well respected academic but painfully overbearing parent. Surrounded by decades of dad’s writings and memories, old wounds resurface as the brothers are faced with a life or death choice.


CAPTIVE (24min), Colorado Springs, CO (USA) (SC PREMIERE)


Screens: Fri, Blk 3, 1:20pm

Director: Preston Peterson, Jason Boesch

Synopsis: An elderly trapper revisits his dark past as a serial killer when he's taken hostage by two fugitives in the wilderness of Montana.



CRUMB CAKE ( 20min), Nutley, NJ (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Wed, Blk 5, 7:30pm

Director: Anthony Robert Grasso

Synopsis: Three sisters come to the house where they grew up after their mother unexpectedly dies. While packing up their family home to move to a retirement community their mother has a heart attack. Faced with the reality of her death, they are confronted with their own lives as well as their relationships with each other and their mother.


DANCING WITH SHADOWS (14min), Santa Barbara, CA (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Thu, Blk 5, 7:30pm

Director: Deborah LaVine

Synopsis: Roxanne, suffering from Alzheimers, is triggered by a radio tribute to a deceased jazz musician who had once been her lover, to blur the past and present. Her dedicated husband must decide how to lovingly handle her confusing him with that lover.


FLORIDA MOVES (22 min), Sarasota, FL (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Thurs, Blk 2, 11am

Director: Damon Maulucci

ynopsis: Months after a separation, Mund camps out in the guest room, off the garage. He searches for opportunities to enter the main house to scavenge ice for his cooler and a lifeline with his 9-year-old daughter. When a strange truck pulls into their driveway, he realizes his ex has a new friend. It’s his move now.


GHOSTED (17 min), Pasadena, CA (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Thurs, Blk 2, 11am

Director: Sam Milman, Peter Vass

Synopsis: A widower is encouraged by his best friend to download some dating apps and "get back out there" after his wife dies. The only thing is his first match is with his deceased wife.


HITBABY ( 29 min), North Hollywood, CA (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Wed, Blk 4, 3:30pm

Director: Abigail Breslin

Synopsis: A skilled but suicidal hitman begrudgingly trains a bumbling computer hacker to be an assassin. Hilarity ensues as they attempt to thwart XYZ agency's plans to dominate the world.


IVALU ( 17 min), Charlottenlund (DENMARK) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Wed, Blk 2, 11:00am

Director: Anders Walter

Synopsis: Ivalu is gone. Her little sister is desperate to find her. 
Her father does not care. The vast Greenlandic nature holds secrets. 
The search for Ivalu is on.


KYLE VS KAREN (5 MIN), Long Island, NY (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Thus, Blk 1, 9am

Director: Jim Morrison

Synopsis: A social media content creator is caught as he snaps a picture of an unsuspecting patron in a coffee shop. Highly offended, she immediately calls him out on this violation of her personal space.


MS ROSSI 2: MS. ROSSI TAKES THE CAKE, (18 min) Santa Clarita, CA (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Fri, Blk 2, 11:20am

Director: Pat Battistini

Synopsis: While on her travels as a Loan Officer for the bank, Ms. Rossi encounters some obstacles along the way while just trying to do her job.


MURDER TONGUE (18 min), Karachi, Sindh (PAKISTAN) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Wed, Blk 1, 9am

Director: Ali Sohail Jaura

Synopsis: It is May of 1992. The state sanctioned “Operation” has put the city of Karachi at constant unrest. Abdul Aziz Ansari wakes up at night and is informed by his daughter in law, Naseema that his son hasn’t returned home. 


MY OVER THERE (13 min), New York, NY (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Fri, Blk 3, 1:20pm

Director: Bob Celli

Synopsis: A veteran of WWI. Lenore, an Army Nurse, reveals a dramatic and deeply personal part of her life during her time “over there” that she has never shared before. 
Inspired by a true story.


NAPTIME ( 10 min), Los Angeles, CA (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Fri, Blk 3, 1:20pm

Director: Robert Postrozny

Synopsis: A father must put his toddler down for a nap before an important meeting.


OVERDUE (15 min), Long Island, NY (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Sat, Blk 5, 7:30pm

Director: Melissa Skirboll

Synopsis:  Maureen and Jason are each having a very bad night. Their chance encounter gives both a glimmer of hope as they discover a shared past and a connection that brings light to the darkness in their lives.


PAST PROLOGUE ( 17 min), Fairfield, CT (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Fri, Blk 2, 11:20am

Director: Brian Russell

Synopsis:  An interracial couple reconnects after 60 years. Robert and Claudette have a chance encounter in a coffee shop, their first meeting since they dated over 60 years ago.


POINTS (17 min), Forest Hills, NY (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Fri, Blk 3, 1:20pm

Director: Tony Glynn

Synopsis: A group of filmmakers, led by an egoistic opportunist, trying to complete their project amidst crisis and chaos on the set.


SHARPS (7 min), Bradenton, FL (USA) (World Premiere)

Screens: Fri, Blk 1, 9;00am

Director: Chris Sexton Fletcher

Synopsis: When a down-on-her-luck woman discovers 100-dollar bills stuffed in a medical sharps disposal container, she decides to take matters into her own hands.


STRANGERS (16 min), Hamilton, Ontario, (CANADA) (US Premiere)

Screens: Sat, Blk 3, 1pm

Director: Scott Morris

Synopsis: After the death of her parents, Suzie, an overworked college student searches for a better life while living with her emotionally draining and irresponsible brother leading her to make a hard sacrifice.


THE CALL (6 min), Montvale, NJ (USA) (World Premiere)

Screens: Sat, Blk 3, 1pm

Director: Tom Balsamides

Synopsis: A call comes from a different dimension or point in time as a warning for future things to come...or does it?


THE ERRAND ( 12 min), Los Angeles, CA (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Thurs, Blk 1, 9am

Director: Amanda Renee Knox

Synopsis: When a young girl hitchhiking is picked up by a stranger, who ends up taking whom for a ride?


THE PRINCIPAL’S ASSEMBLY ( 19 min) Rehoboth, MA (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Sat, Blk 3, 1pm

Director: Jordan Ancel

Synopsis: After the tragic loss of a student, high school principal Jane Marino insists on delivering a sobering speech on the first day of school, however, her emotional stability is called into question.


THE SON, THE FATHER (14 min) New York, NY (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Thurs, Blk 4, 4pm

Director: Lukas Hassel

Synopsis: The events on a young boy's birthday have twisted consequences far into his future.





THE VOICEMAIL (22 min), Los Angeles, CA  (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Fri, Blk 1, 9:00am

Director: Maurice Simmons

Synopsis: After thirty years of marriage, Westley Lovette is alone. He lost his wife, Laura to a long term bought with cancer. His only comforts are watching baseball and listening to his dear Laura's voice on the telephone message to the point of obsession.



UNCOMMON NEGOTIATOR ( 24 min), Murfreesboro, TN (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Thurs, Blk 1, 9am

Director: Brian Glassford

Synopsis: A young pastor's world is turned upside-down when he's suddenly thrust into a dangerous hostage situation. The only way he'll be able to get anyone out alive is by bravely reaching out to appeal to the soul of a violent gunman.


WHEEL (10 min), Los Angeles, CA (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Thurs, Blk 4, 4pm

Director: Honora Talbott

Synopsis:  WHEEL is a character-driven comedy about a Wheel of Fortune audition in a less than ideal audition environment.



WICKED IMAGE (9 min) Maplewood, NJ (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Sat, Blk 3, 1pm

Director: Caitlin Scherer

Synopsis: Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil meet with a corporate PR agent to rehabilitate their images — which includes reminding the world that they're women. However, they quickly discover that the PR agent is more evil than they are.



WICKED PLANS ( 6 min), Regina, Saskatchewan (CANADA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Fri, Blk 5, 7:30pm

Director: Lee Chambers

Synopsis: Style Dayne, the Pizza Guy from Deadpool stars as a foreign extremist from Amadajiya, who accidentally chooses Halloween to enact a moment of terror. To his surprise, he discovers that North American life and culture is truly special, unique and sweet.




THE GIFT ( 1hr 59min) Salt Lake City, UT (USA) (SC Premiere)

Screens: Sat, Blk 4, 3:00pm

Director: David Kniess

Synopsis: The Gift is the story of Medal of Honor recipient, Corporal Jason L. Dunham and the Marines of Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines. It is a story of courage, sacrifice, and love.



STARS FELL AGAIN (1hr 29min) (not in completion)

Screens: Tue, 4:00pm

Director: VW Scheich

Synopsis:  After dating a year, Bryce is ready to propose to Madison while they visit her family in Oregon for Christmas.  However, the spontaneous wedding of Madison's sister, Harper, throws Bryce's perfect proposal plans into a tailspin.  




CAT ISLAND, Columbia, SC (USA)

Writer: Millie West

Synopsis: When a seductive "It-Girl" from New York, vanishes in a depression-era southern town, a young teen shields his brother from impending murder charges, no matter what the cost.



Writer: Michael Andrew Blomquist

Synopsis: Upset at how the human media has been portraying them, an adventure party of insecure magical creatures kidnaps a Manhattan teenager and takes him on a quest in hopes of showing him they aren’t losers.




Writer: Javier Badillo and Nat Marshik

Synopsis: Three scrappy teens in a punk band discover their terrible music is the only thing that can save the world from an alien invasion.



ORSON, Winter Park, FL (USA)


Writer: Jared Egol

Synopsis: A withering Orson Welles recounts his notorious demise and final act to the last character he will ever play: the Transformers cartoon monster Unicorn.




Writer: Chris King

Synopsis:  When an elderly landlady's tenants begin to disappear from a boarding house, a determined social worker and a relentless detective come together to prove the woman's guilt beyond all grandmotherly guises. Based on the 1988 true story of serial killer Dorothea Puente. 




Mike Baez:  Hitbaby (Short Film)


Rob Grabow: The Year of the Dog (Feature)


Timothy McCracken: Publish or Perish (Feature) WINNER


Joshua Mikel: Florida Moves (Short Film)


Tim Realbuto: Bobcat Moretti (Feature)




Barbara Bain: Dancing with Shadows (Short Film)


Jeanine Bartel: Overdue (Short Film)


Anne Ratte-Polle: Everybody Wants to be Loved (Feature)


Vivica A. Fox: Bobcat Moretti (Feature)


Karen Pittman: Toy Phone (Student Film) WINNER





Abigail Breslin: Hitbaby (Short Film)


Hazel Gurland-Pooler: Storming Caesar’s Palace (Documentary Feature)


David Liban: Publish or Perish (Feature)  WINNER


Rob Margolies: Bobcat Moretti (Feature)


Katharina Woll: Everybody Wants To Be Loved (Feature)





Captive (Short Film)


Crumb Cake (Short Film)


Ghosted (Short Film)


Ms. Rossi 2: Ms. Rossi Takes the Cake (Short Film) WINNER


Wicked Image (Short Film)





Chris Gabriel: Ghosted (Short Film) 


Wendell Hanes: Storming Caesar’s Palace (Documentary Feature)


Spencer Hauck: The Tale of Captain Fortyhands (Student Film)


Chris Kalafus: Past Prologue (Short Film) WINNER


Ilan Rubin: Bobcat Moretti (Feature)








A BEST MAN (Short Film)


DOUBLE TAKE (Student Film)


GHOSTED (Short Film)


HITBABY (Short Film)


KYLE VS. KAREN (Short Film)




NAPTIME (Short Film)


POINTS (Short Film)




SHARPS (Short Film)


WEI LAI (Student Film)


WHEEL (Short Film)






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