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2010 Winners

Images from the 2010 Festival

Best Feature: 

The Hide

Jon Schwab, Director, London, United Kingdom

Synopsis: On the windswept Suffolk mudflats creaks a bird-hide, inside which hovers Roy Tunt, a prematurely aged, mildly obsessive-compulsive birder. With one more sighting - the elusive sociable plover - he will have 'twitched' the entire British List. Tunt has his shortwave radio, packed-lunch and a portrait of his ex-wife Sandra for company. Suddenly, in the midst of a conversation with Sandra's portrait, the hide door blows open and a bedraggled stranger - unshaven, edgy and bloodied introduces himself as Dave John, a fugitive from the storm. After a tense introduction, the two men discover that they have a good deal in common, sharing sandwiches, tea and personal exchanges which are frank, poignant and often funny.  As the two men begin to form a close bond news of a police manhunt sets them both on edge driving their fragile relationship to a tragic conclusion.

Best Documentary: 

Perfect Valor

David Taylor, Director,Washington, DC

Synopsis: In 2004, coalition forces in Iraq launched Operation Phantom Fury, the battle for control of Fallujah. American troops fought through a city of enemy insurgents, moving house to house and street to street to seize control of the most dangerous city in the world. Perfect Valor is the story of the price paid by U.S. forces and the legacy of that campaign as seen through the eyes of the men and women who were there, risking their lives in service to their country.

Best Short Film: 

Slice of Pie

Tim Rieshauer, Director, Sherman Oaks, Ca

Synopsis: Gleaned from Rick Hall’s small town stories called “spellbinding” by the New York Times, “Slice of Pie” is a romantic comedy with an unlikely hero. Carter’s a middle-aged divorcee with his eye on Juanita, the waitress at the local diner. In an attempt to woo the girl of his dreams he waxes philosophical about the merits of pie. But when James, the used car dealer of dating, makes his move on Juanita, subtly is out the window. Carter pops the question, Juanita accepts and Carter thinks he has the wind at his back. But in the open prairieland of central Illinois, the wind can change direction rather quickly.

Southern Lens Winner: 

Keeping the May River Wild

Greg Smith, Producer and Director, Bluffton, SC

Synopsis: The tidal May River ebbs and flows in the S.C. Lowcountry between Savannah and Hilton Head Island, serving as home to a long list of wildlife and as amenity to a growing roster of real estate developments. Can the river stay wild as the area grows?

Best Screenplay: 

Samson V2

James Kirtland, Screenwriter, Culver City, CA

Synopsis: 'Samson,' an adult dog story of a family pet stolen and forced to fight for his life.

Best Student Film: 


Giovanna Federico, Director, Orange, CA

Synopsis: Bean, a fifteen year old writer, says goodbye to her surrogate father, Johnny. Her mother, Julie, has a new boyfriend, Scoot, a lazy redneck. Bean wants Julie to stop cycling through men and start being a mother. When Julie is unreceptive, Bean takes action to gain her mother’s attention

Best Animated Film: 

Pete's Odyssey

Larry Lauria, Director, Savannah, GA

Synopsis: PETE'S ODYSSEY is the feel good story of a tiny bird named Pete (aka Cynthia). Pete awakens one morning and finds that something is different. She can't put her 'wing' on it but it is time to emerge and progress in her life. She has always been afraid - not of any specific aspect - just life in general is a fearful challenge. Today is THE day that she will venture and face those fears and make some changes. In her anxious mood she knocks herself out where she must now choose to either run away forever or face her fears - once and for all!

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