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2009 Winners

Images from the 2009 Festival

Best Feature: 

The Butterfly Tatoo

Phil Hawkins, Director, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Synopsis: Love’s young dream collides with violent revenge in this adaptation of the novel by Philip Pullman (author of The Golden Compass). Chris and Jenny, teenage lovers from the gritty side of Oxford, are caught in the crossfire when a gangster-with-a-grudge comes looking for Chris’s boss. Heady romance gives way to growing suspense and a final devastating eruption of violence

Best Documentary: 

School Play

Rick Velleu, Director, New York, NY

Synopsis: In this charming film, a group of fifth graders in upstate New York stages a performance of The Wizard of Oz. From the daily challenges of being a child to the realization that the end of elementary school might mean the end of youth, the film is a touching window into the lives of five ordinary and extraordinary children. With fantastic use of music, this film draws you in to the story of Joey, Jeffrey, Elizabeth, Isabel, and Nick.

Best Short Film: 

The Applicant

Jon Schwab, Director, London, United Kingdom

Synopsis: The Applicant follows the hilarious story of a period of time in a job seeker's life. Full of anticipation and confidence, he waits by the door to receive the acceptance letter and offer of his first application. When that doesn't happen, he starts into a downward spiral of dejection and depression. The rejection letters amass, as does the depth of The Applicant's depression. When he receives the ultimate rejection letter, one of such patronizing arrogance, he decides to shake himself by the lapels of his coat and get on with making things happen for himself. The Applicant is a hilarious new short from the dynamic and exciting Solution Films showing exactly what happens when we count on others to make our lives happen.

Christmas Cake

Best Screenplay: 

Written by : Karen Web, Hopikinton, MA

Synopsis: An American woman running from a bad relationship lands in Japan, in heavy competition for the job of her dreams, and falls head over heels in love with a Japanese man she can't have.

Best Student Film: 


Jessie Pikes, Director, Winston- Salem, NC

Synopsis: Asphyxia explores the psyche of a cynical shrink, more depressed than the patients he treats. Jaded by his profession, Christian Brock's life hangs by a thread or a subconscious dare, based on the survival of his last living pet goldfish. Like his fish, he lives confined to a tedious existence, circling hopelessly around with his unfixable patients. As everything in his life loses color. Christian lives only to sleep in the hopes that he will dream the stimulation which is void in his waking life.

Best Animated Film: 

Sebastian's Voodoo

Joaquin Baldwin- Runn, Director,  Canada

Synopsis: A voodoo doll must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death.

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