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2007 Winners

Best Feature: 

29 Reasons to Run

Synopsis: Murphy's Law takes over when a slacker (Jack Paradise) runs out of couches to sleep on and decides to take a road trip to find his lost love, but only after tricking his novel-challenged writer/ best friend (Peter Jonson) into going with him by making him believe that this trip could be the story he's been waiting to write all of his life

Gary Weeks

Credited with over 50 film, television and commercial projects, Gary works primarily as an actor, including most recently roles on "C.S.I. Miami," "The O.C."(FOX), "24" (FOX), "Veronica Mars" (UPN), "Summerland" (WB), and "Tiger Cruise" (Disney MOW).29 REASONS TO RUN was his 5th written feature screenplay, but the first to reach the screen. An award-winning story and poetry writer, his work includes a volume of shorts, skits, and poetry as well as the feature films. He is currently shopping a feature dramedy he co-wrote with 29 Reasons' director Damon O'Steen called "Back to Butterfield", and has finished 3 more features of his own since "29 Reasons to Run" was produced. Raised in the rural town of Morris, GA. He would become team captain during his years as an all-state football and all-region basketball high school player. It was through sports that he learned t he concept of "team first" and this has carried over into both his family and his career. He studied at The University of Georgia and Georgia State's Film School before moving to Los Angeles in 1999

Best Documentary: 

BRATS: Our Journey Home

Synopsis: U.S. military BRATS share intimate memories about their unique childhoods - growing up on military bases around the world, then struggling to fit into an America lifestyle with which they have little in common. Narrated and featuring songs by Kris Kristofferson. Interviews include General Norman Schwarzkopf.

Best Short Film: 

Space Available

Synopsis: In the year 2025, the U.S. Government imposes strict population control measures. The law mandates that no child can be born and remain alive unless at the moment of its birth, or within sixty seconds thereafter, there is space available in the region. Believing that the choice does not belong to Man, young Isabelle follows the law and proceeds on faith that her unborn son will ultimately survive. At the moment of his birth, however, the Space Available counter drops to zero. In another room in the hospital, a man lies clinging to life. His loving wife begs for life-saving measures, but is denied. Will his death come in time to save little Lazaro?

Best Screenplay: 

The Carolina Story Teller

by Marcia Chandler Rhea and Margaret Ford Rogers,
Charleston, SC.

Synopsis: In a rural town in 1928, a young boy named Charlie Pickens innocently discovers an old newspaper clipping that reveals a mystery surrounding his supposed long dead aunt, The Carolina Storyteller. Determined to find the truth about his aunt's self imposed exile, Charlie sets in motion a series of events that threaten to tear apart both his family and town.

Best Student Film: 

Kilroy Was Here

Synopsis: The story takes place in France during World War II, where a stranded American pilot hangs helplessly from his parachute which has been tangled in a massive tree. He is soon discovered by a group of orphaned children who have been forced into primitive and feral means in order to survive the war for themselves. Separately, the pilot and the children fought for different causes in the same war. Now together, they will forge a connection that transcends language - and their cause will become one.

Best Animated Film: 

Dear Sweet Emma

Synopsis: As the search is given up for Emma's latest husband, Tucker, a private look reveals that Emma has a secret and uncontrollable dark side. The sweetest angel and favorite citizen of Fishtickle would indeed pose an uncomfortable dilemma for all if her problems were ever found out.

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